A photo of The Stripey Wife and her Husband


Hey! I’m Lou and this is my space of the internet to write things.

A few things about me:

• Born the same year that we had the first ever Red Nose Day, GCSE’s were introduced and the £1 note stopped being legal tender in the UK.
• Mother of two gorgeous rescue dogs; Hudson a Flatcoat Retriever and Crysta a Papillion Cross.
• Huge fan of System of a Down, dragonflies and green olives.
• Living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and a few other medical conditions that keep life “interesting”.
• Happy wife, and can tell you exactly how many days I’ve been married. Ask me any time, any place!

I’ve always written stuff from angsty teenage poetry, to music, to where I find myself now; my life being turned upside-down by my health, and trying to come to terms with life from a totally different perspective. Thanks for dropping by and please do leave a comment or six if you can relate to my experiences or have any questions.