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My pun-ny valentine

It’s Valentines Day! Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE love. When ever anyone talks about how it’s a bit of a stink that I have EDS, I always say that life is kind to me in other ways. The biggest blessing of all being my lovely Husband, to whom I have been married for 3541 days today.

We have been together for a long time now; We’ll be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary this year! I still go a bit daft when I talk about him because he still makes me feel like the only person that matters in the world. That gave me an idea for a post, which I was grateful for because things have gone a bit quiet here since I started fighting my local council. It didn’t take me long to create something cute for the occasion:

Then I realised it was nearly 3am, and that true to form I was only blogging to try to distract myself from how much I was hurting. And a naughty little sequel popped into my head…

And as with most things, once I set off on an idea I find it hard to stop…

So I thought I’d put them here for any of my fellow zebras or co-morbid cuties to share, and maybe raise a smile or two. Which is your favourite? I bet you can’t guess mine…


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